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Exclusive 3-Day In-Person CX Management Course


Next Course: London | 18-20 June 2024
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Transform your CX

Is your challenge improving outcomes for customers which make a difference to their satisfaction and your organisations bottom line? Do you struggle to translate customer feedback into prioritised actionable strategies?

This intensive 3-day CX Management Course in London is designed to accelerate customer centricity as a leading business practice in any organisation. This is your chance to unlock the proven secrets of enduring customer-centric success. 

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Course topics:

  • Alignment of CX to business strategy
  • Customer-Centricity Change and Governance
  • Customer-Centric Operating Model
  • Effective VoC Programme Set Up
  • Developing a Customer Purpose
  • CX Design Thinking (incl. Customer Journey)



  • From Customer Insight to Winning Implementations
  • The Customer-Centric Mindset
  • Employee Engagement
  • CX Progress and Performance Measurement
  • Sustaining Customer-Centric Focus

Who should attend?

This course is tailored for professionals entrusted with shaping and delivery on the customer strategy within their organisation. It caters to a diverse range of roles including leaders in customer experience management, operational lead, marketing, brand management, customer insight, human resources and customer service.


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Here's why you don't want to miss this exclusive opportunity:


  • Distilled Expertise: We’ve spent 20 years working with organizations around the globe, and now we’re sharing our hard-won insights with you.
  • Actionable Strategies: Learn a proven 7-step customer centric operating model to embed customer focus into your organization’s DNA.
  • The Voice of the Customer: Discover powerful techniques for capturing and integrating customer feedback into your business strategy.


  • Alignment is Key: Bridge the gap between customer priorities and organisational goals, ensuring everyone works towards mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Real-World Application: Learn from practical case studies that demonstrate how CX principles translate into tangible results across industries.


Join us in London on 18-20 June 2024 and transform your approach to customer experience. Limited seats available – register today!

Day 1

Building the foundation

Day 1 ignites your customer-centric journey! Explore the core principles of customer centricity and its impact on success. Learn to define your organisation's customer purpose and ensure strategic alignment. Gain practical tools to measure customer experience.

Day 2

Mastering the Methodology

Day 2 dives deep into the Customer-Centric Operating Model (CCOM). Understand how to prioritise customer needs based on business goals. Discover how to implement the CCOM to deliver positive outcomes for everyone. Learn to champion customer centricity within your organisation.

Day 3

Cultivating the Mindset

Day 3 hones your focus on the customer-centric mindset. Explore the power of mindset and strategies for fostering a customer-centric culture. Master the Customer-Centric Mindset Model and translate it into actionable behaviours. Apply learnings to real-world scenarios with interactive case studies.


Actionable Strategies

Learn a proven 7-step customer centric operating model to translate customer feedback into concrete actions that benefit your business.


Align Customer & Business Goals

Bridge the gap between what customers need and what your organisation prioritises, ensuring everyone works towards mutually beneficial outcomes.


Real-World Application

Gain practical knowledge through case studies demonstrating how CX principles translate into tangible results across various industries.

Lexden's CX Management Training Team


Michael Brandt


Christopher Brooks


Aileen Machado



Olga Guseva


Michelle Batt


Amit Bhatia



Kerry Hodgkiss

Discover the profiles of our esteemed trainers for the London course in June, in our course outline:


Course dates

  • June - London 

  • August - virtual training 

  • September - New York 

  • October - Madrid

  • November - Mexico

  • December - virtual training